Major Difference between Android Jellybean 4.3 and Kitkat 4.4

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We already know that Google had recently launched its latest version of android device known as Android 4.4 KitKat. There are number of questions like what the main difference between Jellybean 4.3 is? and how Google has increased features and specifications. Here this article tells about the difference between Android Jellybean 4.3 and Android KitKat 4.4 versions.


The comparison between Android 4.3 and 4.4

Notification bar

The main feature of notice bar has been changed, as in the past version of 4.3 Jelly Bean it was in blue color, but now in the Android 4.4 Kitkat it has accompanied white shade symbols like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and others will look like same as  4.3.

Application Drawer

Some application symbols, for example, Google Settings, Voice Search and YouTube are already modified while new applications like Quick office are currently local within Android 4.4 Kitkat that you are not able to find in Android 4.3. Apart from this, the Apps and Widgets tabs are the similar and also the Google Play Store symbol stays on its original location at the upper right part of the application drawer.

 Clock, Stopwatch and Timer UI

There is small difference between android 4.4 and android 4.3 stopwatch I.e. font size has been modified and more centered in your device. While the clock has been changed from bottom and also alarm clock moved from top of the left corner. In android 4.3, the alarm came from the bottom. The clock is little bit similar with Android 4.3 aside from the less strong textual style, bottom setting of letters, more adjusted numerals and greater begin catch at the lowest part.

 Downloads App

The entire theme of the download applications for android 4.3 has been changed. We already know that in android 4.3 version download app background theme is black color and also menu list of download apps located back of the apps. While android 4.4 KitKat version, the background theme is fully white color and it display total full screen in your device.

Cloud Printing

Android 4.4 provides printing services also that can be available in the settings menu. If you want to modify these options, you can also enable and disable the cloud print feature at any time.

Quick Office

Android 4.4 version provides Quick Office application, this consists some functions such as latest files, open particular file coming from and make new file.

 Settings Menu

The Wireless & Networks section will be the same in the android 4.4. The Device section provides features known as “Home” and “Tap & Play” with regard to wireless payment with the tablet.

The features in Android 4.4 Kitkat are:

  1. Increased more battery usage
  2. Includes 4k resolution
  3. It can be Supports the tri-core CPU
  4. New structure can be used for UI transitions
  5. Easy navigation
  6. New apps can be replaced
  7. Developed O.S performance and security
  8. Very comfort display provides
  9. Total previous Android versions can be up hierarchical to 4.4 (kitkat).

The above difference are already revealed by most of the android application development companies. But in this article, I want to tell you some major difference between android Jellybean4.3 and android 4.4 KitKat. 

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Why Hiring An Indian Mobile Application Development Company Is A Good Decision?

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There is no doubt that smartphones have made our life easier. Consequently, the demand for mobile app development has been increased. Also, individuals have understood the need to contract a mobile app development company. The greater part of the cell phones are facilitated with savvy options that offer help in finishing both expert and individual tasks in a better manner.

mobile app development

Several people recommend to hire/ contract mobile app Development Company from India since it supports them accomplish both quality and competitiveness. On the off chance that we talk about the compatibility issue, then various gadgets are perfectly compatible with diverse operating frameworks. A worthy mobile apps development company manages a few stages and takes it as a challenge. They keep a team of best productive designers with supports the company to deliver tailored mobile application development services.

In this post I am discussing about various factors that are in favor of hiring a mobile application development company based in India. Have a look at it.  

 Reduced Cost

Unquestionably, costs are pretty low in the country like India even if you want to hire a full time company. Besides it, if you choose a company like Apps Chopper, then you can also expect the completion of your project within decided time frame.

 Enhanced Benefits

Undeniably it is a deal of benefit to hire Appzuniverse, as we provide hiring plans as per the specific requirements of the client or according to project demands. We are always here to work for you whenever you need our custom app development services and you need not pay any additional charges when you work with us.

 No lack of expertise

In India, never and ever you will find lack of talented and skillful mobile app developers and companies. There are thousands probably lakhs of companies that are blessed with team of veteran designers and developers. So you will have ample options to pick one organization that perfectly meet your demands.

 24X7 concept

 Providing round the clock services is one among the best elements concerned to Indian companies. Usually companies in India maintain a good number of resources to work all the time with them. So it is easy for them to give 24X7 support using different communication systems.

Hence, if you are planning to hire a mobile application development company in India, it implies you re in right track. Appzuniverse has a team of application developers who is having vast knowledge in meeting tailored mobile app development demands. 

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Top 3 Privacy Apps For Android

Smartphones are most tempting gadgets these days, everyone who sees its wants to try it once no matter if device is not theirs. Probably, all smart phone users might have faced this kind of situation when they purchased a smartphone. Thanks to technology, there are good number of apps in Google Play Store which can ensure privacy and security of your smart device as you would like to be.

We have chosen top free Android apps developed by various mobile app development companies for you, so have a look at them and pick one.


Hide Pictures – Keepsafe Vault

Photos and videos are ones most people wanted to keep private and this app is introduced to keep them safe. You keep aside images which are not private and therefore will be viewed by anyone, while pictures selected as private can be viewed by entering appropriate password.


This app chooses images and videos which you wish to hide; then those images are not shown in photo gallery along with other photos. To access the private videos/ images you need to enter PIN.

One special feature of this app is- it helps you generate fake pin to guard you from people forcing you to enter pin and open the application. Select a second PIN which then opens a fake Hide pictures app in which you keep images that ok with others to see. This fake PIN of KeepSafe will not be known as fake to others.


Lock for WhatsApp Keep privacy

WhatsApp- top chat application used by users worldwide. So there is a high chance that you don’t want others to check specific messages or contacts of your WhatsApp. As WhatsApp has no specific security feature, it is difficult for anyone to keep people out of it.


A normal app with locking facility would work but it is painful to unlock every time a new message arrives. Lock for WhatsApp is one on which you can really bank on. It permits users to put lock code to app on demand. Also, it has time lock feature which makes the lock code unavailable for some time such that the app users don’t get distracted by opening the app every time a new message comes.


Privacy Master – Free App Lock

Sometimes we have apps which are too sensitive for any person to see and is difficult for the user to manage specially with nosey friends or relatives. Don’t worry! Privacy Master – Free App Lock is for you. It allows you to lock your apps such that no one can access the app without password.


You can set lock to any app you want including messages and settings. Also, this app enables users to activate a dummy app crash alert so that if anyone tries to access your app they will get a crash notification

The app is very simple and the best part of it is- it never fails. The app has become quite famous these days and about 5 lakh out of 6.28 overall users have rated it a five.

 So choose one that best suits for you and enjoy privacy.  Not happy with these options, want a customized app for your privacy, contact us we will design any app you want.

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5 Amazing Android Chat Applications For Free

Android App Development Company

In current generation everyone is using smartphones and most of the people prefer to go for android operating system. There are lot of Android applications available in Google play store. These applications are easy to download and compatible for most of the users. In this article I am discussing about some most useful and awesome chat applications for Android platform.

U&Me messenger

U&Me messenger is most popular smartphone messenger application that is available for all platforms like Android, iPhone, windows etc. By using U&Me app, you can send free texts, share images, files and location information and also share videos very easily without compromising their quality.


Why U&Me?

-Sending and receiving unlimited messages, file sharing & location sharing, photo sharing, audio and video calls with high quality with U&Me users

-Easy and Quick registration

-Automatically synchronizes all your contact list

-Create Multiple Groups

-You can send up to 10 images with single click

-Free of cost and no other carrier charges for your internet service

-No problem when you forget your ID or passwords.

-No bugs and errors while sending any messages, videos etc.


uandme messenger 


WhatApp Messenger

Whatsapp messenger is one of the most popular application in smartphone devices like android, iPhone, blackberry etc. You can switch on your internet connection via 3G or WiFi to send messages to your friends and family members. By using whatsapp, you can send and receive text messages, images, videos, audio notes and stickers.



WeChat application is used for sending messages, voice notes, video calls at any time from your mobile device. You can simply switch on internet in your smartphone. Many people love this app because, it is very fast and secure.




LINE is also a different chat app that lets you to make free voice calls and send messages anywhere. This application can support all operating systems. Enjoy the free calls wherever you want to.




Viber is also one of the chat application that supports all mobile devices and tablets. By using this app, you can call at free of cost to any mobile number. So that you can save a lot of money by using this app for your smartphone.


Like this there are many android application development companies which developed applications for android mobile users. Pick your favorite one and enjoy the features of Android OS.

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Why e-Commerce Businesses Looking For Mobile App Development Companies?

If I say smartphones are the mostly used devices these days that is not an exaggeration. The smartphones have entered into every aspect of our life and there is an app for almost every purpose- for example gaming apps for entertainment, healthcare apps for well being, e-commerce apps to shop, utility apps and soon.

With the outburst of e-commerce market, the demand for e-commerce mobile apps has become multifarious.  These apps lets you search the shopping carts in order to purchase the products simply by making payments using payment gateways.

mobile app development company

The sales of an e-Commerce website can be increased by designing a customized mobile app. A recent survey on e-Commerce websites has revealed the fact that a great amount of web traffic is coming from mobile apps owing to factors like convenience to use and handiness. In addition, the survey also exposed the fact that one third of the traffic to e-Commerce website is from mobile applications. As a result, the e-Commerce companies are looking out for mobile application development companies. However one should know the benefits of e-Commerce mobile apps before going for a company. So here we are giving some reasons steering the trend of e-Commerce mobile app development.

Ease Of Use

The e-commerce mobile applications are highly accessible and their features are so exceptional that it takes very less time to land on the page you want. The users can use their smartphone screen to complete their shopping from e-Commerce stores and get their favorite products at their door steps.

No Time/ Place Constraints

E-Commerce apps give the luxury of browsing the cart offline and buy easily even on the move irrespective of time or place wherever you are. Mobile applications bridge the gap between customer and e-Commerce store thus offering them a better shopping experience. The mobile apps helps for improvising commerce activity through smart gadgets rather than laptops or PC.

Sales Conversion

As users can complete the purchase any goods with mobile app, thus increasing the sales of e-Commerce sites.

Push Notifications

The up-to-date information about the website can be delivered as push notifications to the mobile phones of customers. This makes the customers well conversant about the deals and offers such that they make purchases from mobile applications.


As the customer data is saved in the e-Commerce website with information such as phone number, email Id and soon. It is easy for the e-Commerce businesses to market their business and distribute ads via mobile apps that in turn increases the sales. In addition, the mobile applications gives the facility to send information to the customer depending on their selection of favorite products and apps.


The introduction of mobile apps in e-Commerce website business attracts more number of customers to the website and stands as new method of improving sales. Users get the luxury of enjoying shopping from smartphones. Staying in touch constantly is highly crucial for any e-Commerce business which is made possible by mobile applications.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Using Healthcare Mobile Apps For Patients



Mobility has found its way to healthcare industry with the increased usage of smartphones and tablets now a days. As a result, the patients started using the mobile healthcare apps for different purposes. These apps are useful not only for the patients but also for the health care providers. Here is a brief note on such key benefits:-

 To Emotionally Get Connected With The Patients

Custom designed apps for patient care make them feel pampered and special. It develops an emotional bond between healthcare providers and patients. If the healthcare professionals check with the patients about their health every day from the app, they will fell they are getting enough medical attention. Making such an emotional attachment is advantageous for the development of the hospital also.

 Saves Energy, Time and Money

As the doctors and patients will be in contact with each other constantly using this application, there is no need for them to fix appointments for minute things uncles the patient needs acute medical attention. This saves lot of time for patients as well as doctors. Moreover, the patients can report their health progress to their doctors via the mobile app and doctors will give medications accordingly. As a result, both can save time, money and efforts significantly.

 Helpful Tool for Everyone

The complete information of the clinic such as key contact numbers, schedules of the doctors, ER waiting times, driving route map to the clinic will be readily available to all using this app. moreover, users will get automated reminders about the checkup schedules and appointments. Furthermore, users will get updates on the shows or events happening well in advance. On top of all these, the complete information on the fundamental health care tips and wellbeing articles will be made available for reference. Such a kind of accessible mobile apps will allow patients get knowledge by themselves by going through health care stuff using their app and keep a tab on their health records.

 Communication Tool for Patients

Using healthcare apps, patients can create their profile by themselves and interact with each other. They can share about their health progress, diseases symptoms and medicine dosage details. In addition, they can discuss about their issues with one another and get solution.

 A Blessing for the Discharged Patients

A single medical mobile app helps the discharged patients to get connected with the clinic. Patients can store complete information about all the practitioners including their contact details, available timings etc. further, they can update their health condition to the doctor on daily basis using the application to keep posted the doctors about their health status. Simultaneously, the health care professional can be able to track all the profiles of patients and identify if there is a case which needs immediate medical attention.

Users can access these apps anytime, anywhere. It implies that users or patients can avail the hospital services irrespective of the location they are and time. All these points collectively show a positive impact on the health care mobile apps industry, thus contributing to its rapid growth and great scope for healthcare apps.  


Most Desired Features Of iOS 7

mobile app development


iOS operating system runs over different devices such as iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. iOS 7 being the most reliable technology used for mobile phones among the generations of iOS operating systems owing to its compelling features to make lively communication. Few of such desirable features are discussed in this post.


The multitasking features were introduced by Apple from iOS 4 series which frequently undergone for every series due to introduction of APIs. Now, the current series iOS 7 has come up with multiple modifications with respect to multitasking that enables instant swiping to quit apps. The icons are available almost below the application screen shots that helps perfect multitasking. Closing applications can be done in either directions. Hence multitasking is considered to be perfectly implemented in iOS 7.

New Siri

The user interface (UI) provided by iOS 7 is totally transformed to an improved display features. The voice features are also been incorporated using Siri that exactly resemble the human voice. Browsing, image searches, surfing Wikipedia are also incorporated in iOS 7. The Wikipedia integration helps in providing articles rather than links so that user can read easily with Siri user interface itself.

Control center toggles

The new iOS7 has the features to switch between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi simultaneously and quickly. It is an appealing feature in iOS 7 device with rotation lock. The apps can be turned on or turned off very easily, thus saving the battery when the apps are not used.

Parallax effect is implemented to display two dimensional depth.  The background and wallpaper switches based on your movement. Also, the pop-up messages will be displayed though they are floating.

Camera Filters

The pictures can be filtered using the options such as color effects, shading that makes photographs more attractive. You need not to separate the app to filter the images. The prime advantage of camera filter feature is that the user experience will be highly appealing.

 Therefore, one who experiences the features of iOS 7 will turn into local customer of it. The above mentioned features are some of the highlights of iOS 7, even more features are there that attracts the mobile users.



Increasing Mobile Apps Usage Vs Decreasing Mobile Web Surfing

The users attitude toward mobile web surfing has experienced changes with the commencement of mobile applications. Previously, the mobile users use to prefer surfing web on their smartphones rather than their PCs. According to a report from Flurry- the app analytics provide, it is predicted that the usage of native app on smartphones increases at the cost of mobile websites. In this report, it is also stated that 55 percent of the internet usage is by mobile users and around 91 percent of users use internet for checking emails.

mobile app development

Mobile apps are well known for the rich UX they provide, as a result users will get motivated to use smartphones. Gaming applications like Candy Crush Saga and social networking apps like WhatsApp or Facebook keep the users engaged. It led to considerable changes and implementation of applications rather than mobile web browsing. It is important to remember that during 2013 the usage of mobile websites has dropped drastically from 31 min to 22 min on yearly basis.

Mobile apps are ruling the mobile market across different categories including news, chat applications, news and multimedia apps and soon. Even though the users are accessing internet on smartphones, they are not showing interest in using web for browsing.  Comparatively, mobile applications gives more access to the end user that is useful in providing tailored service to them.

The data stored by the mobile applications works globally. For instance, the profile information which is offered by the user can be used consistently to listen to music, shop online, go to the event, go for movies and soon. The mobile applications which use the phone’s native features makes it easy for the users as the information is accessible offline locally.

The user’s preference over mobile applications can be mainly attributed to the factors such as: 55 percent to convenience, 48 percent to speed and other 40% for effortless browsing. Mobile applications load quickly that keeps the mobile user satisfied.  Alternatively, loading time will be bane sometimes for mobile apps because people expect the application to load very quickly else they won’t use the app at all.

In 2014, it is anticipated that about 86 percent of the people tend to use mobile applications, while only 14 percent of users will go for mobile web surfing which shows a considerable decline in the mobile web usage as shown in the graph.

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Must-Know Mobile App Marketing Checklist

Planning to launch a mobile application? Here is the checklist for you to market your app before and after its launch.

Set Achievable Targets And Keenly Track The Metrics: –Setting practical goals is important before launching your app, because without them you can’t be able to estimate your success. Moreover, targets motivate you and improves your chance of truly accomplishing the goals you wish to reach with respect to mobile apps.

Load The App With Features That Are Promotable: – Being it social sharing, gamification, social integration, user referrals or any other strategy, ensure to incorporate features that attract the potential customers and market themselves.

Make A List Of Influencers To Broadcast The App Release To: – Locate top bloggers in related web space to introduce your app and form a marketing strategy in coordination with them. Work out to get a good review of your app from them or possibly purchasing their marketing services.

Create An Appealing, Well-Designed, Suitable App Icon: – Designing a beautiful icon for your app is of prime importance, hence the resources and time you devote for design have to reflect its significance.

Let Your Friends &Employees Check App Functionality: – Most likely friends and employee are the ones who tend to give positive and honest review for your app which is highly important for your app to get succeed in the market.

Build A Dedicated Landing Page For Your App: – A web space for mobile app works as a marketing mode for your mobile application. You can maintain either your own domain or some other place that gives online presence to the mobile app.

Present A Video Walkthrough To Your Mobile App: – Generate a video showing the complete features of your app to attract the users and market your application.

Give More Than Just Screenshots: – Take “screenshots” of your mobile application to showcase the working of app and key features to make them highly informative and engaging.

Efficiently Track All Of Your App Marketing Activities: – With the help of mobile app tracking, get to a conclusion on which marketing strategy is working for you and which are not.

Heavily Market Your New Mobile App, Mainly During The Initial Days: – Try to re-target advertisements, promotional tweets, targeted Facebook advertisements, coming soon platforms or PreApps, AdWords Ads, outreach, press releases and lot more.

If you do all these, you are all set to make an impact in the market with your new mobile app. After getting considerable exposure to your app, consider updating your app. Check out our post on When to Update Your Mobile App? For more information. 

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Setbacks To Mobile Application Development

Setbacks To Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps development has emerged as support system for mobile communication system. Though app developers have attempted to create variety of apps with innovation yet they can’t stop themselves from learning new technologies budding day by day. Undoubtedly every developer is well aware of the mobile app development process- Designing, app development, testing & QA, promotion and deployment. Just knowing these steps isn’t enough. Every single step is executed differently according to technologies used for that project. Simple operations such as uploading an image using a social networking application is a simple and effortless task. But here we are discussing regarding the complex apps in a business involving compound tasks. The increased usage of hardware and software day by day has brought a set of challenges along with them. Let’s have a quick look at all of them in the coming paragraphs.


Security is one of the most common challenge in mobile app development. When compared to entertainment apps, enterprise apps are more important and also the confidentiality of the data stored in the app. If by any chance the device is stolen or lost, anyone can access the data and misuse it. Furthermore, hackers can effortlessly access the mobile devices and use your confidential information, the third party applications need to be approved smartly as they will least concerned about the privacy of the user. Therefore, now-a-days security is a prime issue in front of app developers.

 Platform Dependency

Different platforms are available to develop a mobile app-iOS, Windows and Android are ruling the app market now. These platforms are unique from one another and required specific skills to work on them. For example, considering a coding language, developers have to know Java language to develop Android app, while Objective-C to develop iOS app and Dot Net for Windows mobile apps. Since this is not enough, there exists more than one device for every platform. Considering an example of iOS platform, one must know the design criteria and compatibility of iPad and iPhone for building apps for them. A single app doesn’t works on all devices.

 App not found

You developed an app and ignored the key step i.e. promotion. Then what is the use of the application, if the users doesn’t even know that the app is released and available in the market. Obviously no one will download it.  Promoting your app in social networking sites is the best option to create exposure to your app. When once an app is developed, you have to deploy it to the famous app stores. Placing app in right place and promote it correctly is key to app’s success.

 Wrapping Up

These are the issues commonly faced by app developers in developing apps. So, developers keep these things in mind before developing mobile application.

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