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Titanium App Development

Titanium is a competitive platform for mobile app development which has an exclusive pool of features. Being an open source technology, Titanium platform is not only used for mobile app development but also offers a better user experience in contrast to native platform. Cloud based mobile applications can be simply developed with Titanium app development for mobiles. One great benefit of Titanium is that it offers best performance and enables effortless development in various platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android etc.

Appcelerator's Titanium is a well-known open source platform for application development that helps in devising native apps (desktop and mobile) with the help of technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Appcelerator's framework allows the developers to design better and unique mobile apps. Titanium supports to deliver high-performance apps without using other frameworks like Cocoa Touch or Objective-C. Titanium development provides a huge library of features and user interface objects to generate various kinds of engaging mobile apps.

Appz Universe delivers valuable Titanium apps by single code for all platforms. All the apps we developed are rendered from our creativity and expertise for developing interactive applications.

Our Approach to Application Development

We used a unique model for application development with appropriate evaluation of task execution. The best suitable technology that is trending in the industry is picked and used. After developing the mobile app, we test the quality of it by conducting repeated and most standard tests used in the industry. We treat every project in the same way, whether it is a small project or large-scale project.

Appz Universe

Why Appz Universe?

  • Fast application development
  • Quick development of mobile apps over multiple platforms
  • Best re-usage of code
  • Customary mobile app development
  • Develop most powerful mobile sites
  • Better utilization of multimedia as well as third part application
  • Through app testing, porting and maintenance
  • Track record of meeting timelines perfectly
  • Create Rich-Internet Mobile Apps
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and HTML5
Appz Universe

How It Is Beneficial For You?


Experience in delivering hybrid apps having multimedia facility for accelerometer, camera and soon. You will get a functionally-rich and visually-appealing applications with us.

Mobile Solution

We develop mobile solutions for many industry verticals with greatest excellence. If an app is developed once using Titanium, it saves development cost and time by the way of using it for multiple platforms.

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